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Jiujiang Tiantai Food Co., Ltd. was registered and established in May 2014, located in Lianxi District, Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province, covering an area of 135,000 square meters, with a registered capital of 62.5 million yuan. The company in the spirit of diligence, wisdom and sincerity, beyond self, scientific and technological innovation, thick and win-win business philosophy. Under the leadership of the company, we continue to strengthen internal management and expand new technology fields, so that the company gradually grows into a leader in Jiangxi pea processing industry.

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our features

Adhere to scientific and technological innovation, and constantly improve the core competitiveness of enterprises

  • Pea Protein

    Pea Protein

    We imported high quality peas as raw materials, what is extracted by advanced low temperature and low pressure technology through Separation, Homogenization, Flash Evaporation, and drying. It contains 18 amino acids, and protein can reach 85%, Allergen-Free, Zero-Cholesterol, High-Digestibility. The product has high gel property, dispersivity, solubility, the water and oil holding capacity is around 1:4:4.
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  • Pea Starch

    Pea Starch

    Pea starch is the best of legume starch, the amylose can reach 60%, which is rich in protein, caretene and other nutrients, it can improve the body's resistance and rehabilitation. Pea starch is a kind of omnipotent starch, it has fine powder, bright white colour, and it is the traditional LONGKOU fans special raw materials. It is also the best raw material for cold powder and powder peel, its excellent gelation can be used as an additive in meat products, candy and dessert.
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  • Pea Dietary Fiber

    Pea Dietary Fiber

    Pea fiber is the residual product of protein and starch extracted from peas, it is a comprehensive product of pea cell wall fiber, polysaccharide, lignin and other related substances, and the fiber content can reach more than 50%, Its rich dietary cellulose can promote peristalsis of the large intestine and is an indispensable nutrient to maintain human health. Its good water holding, emulsification, suspension, swelling and other functions can be widely used in meat products, jam and other foods. In addition, people will produce satiety after eating, has a better regulating effect on obese people, can also be used as the main raw material of cat litter and bait.
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Our Product

The company adopts the international advanced "closed-loop physical separation" technology, the extraction of pea starch and protein for effective separation of slag powder.

Our News

Around the main products, increase the depth of research and development of related products and upstream and downstream products, continue to extend the industrial chain.

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